Dixie Custom Rods offers premier quality spinning and baitcasting graphite rods utilizing Batson Enterprises’ high modulus blanks. We specialize in skeleton split grip handles and highly sensitive handle components to optimize sensitivity!! Most current production and custom rods utilize handle materials and assembly processes that absorb vibration. Dixie Custom Rods utilize vibration transmitting handle materials and processes that amplify vibration directly to the angler’s hands. We also offer specialty rods designed for specific applications with input from professional anglers. This separates us from most of the larger rod Companies that primarily buy standard/common action rods from offshore Manufacturers, put their logo on the rods, and market them. All of our graphics are created in house and the rods are 100% assembled in our East Tennessee shop.

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Dixie Custom Rods utilizes modern machining technology to machine reel seat diameters, rear grips, and butt caps to precisely fit the rod blank. No fillers are used to take up the space between the blank and the reel seat/handle components as in production rods and most custom rods.

 Dixie Custom Rods utilizes only the highest quality components. Guides are either Flexilite TiCH coated guides or Alps micro guides. Custom graphics are applied to the rods before coating for a dazzling appearance with Custom name personalization and personalized wrap colors. We specialize in creating rods with Company Logos for a unique Custom theme.


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