Dixie Shaker Balsa Baits

Handmade Balsa Crankbaits

.The Dixie Shaker handmade balsa baits have been used for several years in the East Tennessee area. Dixie Customs has teamed up with tournament fisherman and lure maker Brian Jordan to  make these baits available to the public. Brian has used these baits to win several tournaments in the East Tennessee area including several Fisher’s of Men events  along with other regional events. Each bait is individually hand made and hand painted  These baits have been continuously refined over the past several years. The new square bill design and angle provides a very erratic action that is unique even among other handmade balsa baits. These baits take the “hunting dog” erratic action pursued by handmade balsa bait makers to a new level. They dive to around 7’ deep on a normal retrieve with 10# test line. The baits come with premium Mustad triple grip hooks. The baits are normally in stock and ready to ship immediately, but since they are hand made it could take up to a week to ship after the order is placed. Many custom colors can be painted for a $2.00 additional charge and 4 piece minimum order.

Price: $13.99


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