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Dixie Custom Rods is a small business that evolved from a combination of working as a machinist in an Automotive Components Manufacturing environment, being an avid tournament fisherman, and a passion for craftsmanship as a rodbuilder and lure maker. I attended a Machinist Vocational Program after high school and worked as a machinist for over 20 years in an Automotive Transmission manufacturing facility. I later had the opportunity of serving in a Project Management role at the same facility in Knoxville Tennessee serving as Project Leader for new product launches and vehicle noise/vibration reduction projects . This experience was very beneficial since the involvement with the Product Engineering group was a great learning experience in understanding vibration characteristics of various carbon and composite materials. During this time, I realized that the trends of using traditional materials and processes on rod handles did not make sense. These materials absorb vibration instead of transmitting vibration. This is when I began experimenting with utilizing graphite, carbon, and high density cork for handle components. These materials amplify vibration instead of absorbing it. Using these materials results in a rod that has no vibration absorbing material with all the vibration going to your hand.


Where Technology, Passion,

and Craftsmanship Collide!

Click here to check out the link detailing my recent BFL Super Tournament win.


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