Color, Guide, and Handles

.Basic Color Choices: Pictured are some of the most popular color and graphic colors to allow design and ordering online. Many other colors are available upon request.

.Black/Metallic Gold with Red Graphics

.Hot Pink

.Hot Chartreuse/Red Graphics

.Stealth Black

.Patriot-Blue/Chrome metallic butt wrap with Red/Chrome metallic guide with red graphics. This is the most popular color.

.Big Orange

.Red/Gold Metallic with Red and Gold Graphics

.Metallic Blue butt wrap with red/chrome metallic guide wraps with red graphics. This is designed to match the Carbon Angel Reel colors

.Basic Baitcasting Rod Handle Choices: Pictured are three most common handle choices. The contoured EVA/High Density cork blend has became very popular and is a very comfortable and light grip. It is also possible to mix and match the rear grips and butts upon request. Full length cork grips are also available.

.Contoured EVA/High Density Cork Blend

.Contoured Ultra  Grade Cork/High Density Cork Blend

.Ultra High Density EVA

.Spinning and Baitcasting Guide Choices: Pictured are the guide choices. In the baitcasting models, the choice is between Flexi-lite Tich double foot baitcasting guides and micro guides. The micro guides have became by far the most popular with noticeable weight and castability improvements. In the spinning models, the choice is between single foot Flexi-Lite guides or Dixie Custom Rod designed spinning micro guide system using a #25 stripper guide, a #16 guide, an #8 Guide, #5.5 micro, #5.0 micro, #4.5 micro, and #4.0 micros.

.Spinning Guides

Micro Guides

Flexilite Single Foot Guide

.Baitcasting Guides

Micro Guides

Flexilite Double Foot Guide